How to use FRAP

  • FRAP needs a PhantomHelp generated CSV file
  • Add this CSV file next to the original flightlog.txt file, so in the same folder
  • FRAP converts this CSV into a FRAP CSV
  • FRAP CSV is used to show all data. This way the original flightlog.txt and CSV are not changed.


FRAP summary


  • Main  (with sub charts of various data)
  • Flight summary
  • Polar
  • 5 Charts in one screen
  • 2x Battery (per record and per 10%) + save battery data /flight to check batt performance
  • Homepoint
  • KML (setup generate for GE view)

FRAP options

  • Too many to summarize (many logic checks)
  • Merge 2 flightlogs into 1 log (for a stop rotors between 2 flights)
  • Open original CSV when data is loaded in FRAP

Screen size

  • Small, Medium, Large and Wide, plus user screen size setting

FRAP defaults

  • Metric or Imperial setting
  • Many more other program settings

RC mode check

  • for RC mode 1, 2 etc